Ques: What are essential oils?

Ans: Essential oils are liquids that are extracted from barks, roots, flowers, stems or other elements of a plant through distillation. Our essential oils contain the true essence of the plants they are derived from.


Ques: How do essential oils and perfume oils differ?

Ans: Essential oils are extracted and derived from plants whereas perfume oils are artificially created and they don’t offer the benefits that natural essential oils offer.


Ques: How is their extraction done?

Ans: Essential oils are extracted using a number of ways:
1. Using liquified carbon dioxide as a solvent for the natural plant matter.
2. Using steam distillation a plant is placed over heated water. The essential compounds vaporize and condense back into the liquid.
3. Using hydrosols, small amounts of essential oils can be retained.
4.Using expression or cold pressing for citrus essential oils


Ques: How do you extract your essential oils?

Ans: Some of our oils are distilled while rest of them are cold pressed. There are some types of oil that can be extracted either from the peels or the flowers themselves and hence they are cold pressed. Some of those oils are Lime or Sweet Orange.


Ques: What is the difference between therapeutic and commercial/synthetic grade?

Ans: There are no set rules or guidelines for setting the standards of the essential oils. However, there are countries where certain standards that have been established for the outline of
natural chemical profiles and other constituents of essential oils.
Therapeutic Grade: They are usually processed organically or are harvested or grow naturally. The oils are undiluted and pure which are suitable for a variety of applications.
Commercial and synthetic grade: We do not carry and synthetic or commercial grade oils. We also do not recommend these oils for any kind of application on skin etc. These oils work best for cleaning products, preparing candles etc.


Ques: Are your oils certified?

Ans: We follow a set of rules and guidelines when it comes to preparing oils. Our oils are made from natural materials and are certified as well.


Ques: Are your oils tested?

Ans: Yes. Our oils are tested by us under rigorous set of conditions. Our trusted vendors provide us the oils and we test them. Until and unless our oils don’t meet a certain parameter or level of quality, we don’t sell them or recommend for use.


Ques: Are your essential oils pesticide free?

Ans: We ensure that the plants from which we extract the oils are pest free. If pesticides have been used, we take appropriate measures to make sure that we maintain high levels of quality and safety.


Ques: How can essential oils be used?

Ans: Essential oils have found their usage in many different fields. They are now used:
1. While giving massage.
2. For air purification and in creation of diffusers or vaporizers.
3. For body and hair care products as they can add intoxicating fragnance to the shampoos, conditioners, creams and lotions.
4. In direct palms to improve the inhalation process of people having sinus or cold.
5. In aromatic bathsas these oils have properties which trigger emotions of relaxation, happiness, peace and calmness.


Ques: What products do you carry?

Ans: We have:
1. Natural essential oils
2. Carrier oils
3. Oleo Resins
4. Floral waters


Ques: Where do your oils come from and why do they cost less?

Ans: We have our own agricultural farmlands where we produce high quality oils. They cost less because we have in house production of these oils.


Ques: What are some things to do when using, storing or purchasing oils?

Ans: Do proper and thorough research to get started.
Use patch test if you are not sure how your skin will react to the application of oils.
Store your oils in a cool, dark place.
Use botanical names of the oils to differentiate in between them.